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The module “Finding Your WHY” is a practical journey designed to explore questions through reflection in order to help you define and understand your motivations to engage in environmental activism. Consequently, the module will enable you in the personal journey of idea generation and strategy development.


The objective of this module is to help you reconnect with your inner self to guide you to identify your incentives towards environmental sustainability and develop the best course of action.


Discovery of the Self

  • Reflecting upon your overall personal situation is one of the most effective ways to understand and learn more about yourself. Therefore, we invite you to go inward and ask yourself how you feel about yourself, about your social and professional life.
  • Observe the current situation in our community. How is the environmental state in our area? What impact does it have in your community? And how do you contribute to your community?
  • What is your attitude towards this changes and reflect what it represents for you and how it makes you feel.

Roadmap to the WHY

  • Determining your own personal core values is one of the reasons why you do certain things. It is something that you stand for. It is a principle the will guide your decisions and behaviour. Knowing your core values is crucial to your growth and goals since it would points you to the right direction of your happiness. -You would need to ask yourself these questions: What matters in your life? What are your skills, your priorities, your passions, your needs and yearning? And how do you connect this to the environment? -Through this questions, you will be able to fully understand and determine your purpose.

Goals and Actions

  • Your goals are set in accordance with your purpose.
  • Think about the impact you wish to create for the planet.
  • Determine your strengths, weaknesses, fears and opportunities.
  • Recognize the ways in which you can anticipate and overcome your fears, as well as potential consequences of not pursuing your goals and potential successes if you do pursue them.
  • Lastly, draw an action plan and take into account your time and your mental and physical health, and make sure that you can achieve your goals, always in alignment with your WHY, your experiences and your values.


-Knowing your WHY is a simple yet a powerful exercise to empower yourself and to start paving the path to becoming a changemaker. -Knowing yourself, your goals, values, strengths and weaknesses are the foundations of a strong changemaker journey. If you ever feel lost, sad, frustrated or lacking motivation, you can always revisit your WHY. -Finding your WHY is a reminder of what is important to you and why you do what you want to do. It is also an important tool to generate ideas, define your next steps and your action plan and deep dive into the discovering your life’s purpose and the action you can take to be more impactful in addressing environmental challenges within your community.


  • Beginner: Ask a friend which strengths they believe you have, what they think you are good at. Do you recognise those strengths yourself? And how can you use them during your journey as environmental activist?
  • Intermediate: Create a new habit in your daily life that contributes to the protection of the environment and invite others to join you, even for a short period of time.
  • Advanced: Go through your list of fears. Which one is your biggest fear? Why is it the biggest? If you could overcome your fear, what would you do? How can you overcome this fear? Once you have a solution, set up a strategy plan. You can seek help from family, friends or anyone from your community. While you are going through this challenge, make sure to not be hard on yourself. Start with small steps, rely on others for feedback and support and treat yourself as you would treat your best friend in the same situation.


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  • After watching the video of the module, we encourage you to think, reflect and learn about the following questions: -VWhat do you and your community need in order to positively contribute to climate change? -VWhich steps are required to ensure that your goals come to fruition? -VWhich one of your goals do you prioritise?



Tania is a UN Young Leader for the SDGs who founded El Origen Foundation, an indigenous-first model in Colombia that provides at-risk youth with a second chance at education. She works to close the illiteracy gap for indigengous youth, and launched O-lab, the learning app adapted for indigenous students who have the lowest education levels worldwide. She has been recognized by the Obama foundation, the Young Leaders of America’s initiative and as Generation Change by the United States Institute of Peace and the Dalai Lama office.